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5 Tips for Working From Home With Your Partner

Even if you’ve fallen into a Groundhog Day-like haze with your sole coworker (otherwise known as your partner/spouse) these tips could help as we enter a new stage of quarantine coworking:

Tip #1 Manage time ⏲

You need to be able to actually get work done to cowork harmoniously. Start by communicating the needs of your day. If you need certain time blocks for meetings or deep work, communicate ahead of time.

Tip #2 Set roles 🧽

Share house labor equitably. In our house, Alex does ALL the dishes and I clean up around the apt. Try a 15-minute "nightly blitz" to create a system to curtail the inevitable messiness of working from home.

Tip #3 Know thyself 🔮

If you get into a disagreement, stop for a moment. Ask yourself: What's going on? Am I just #hangry? Notice when you're grumpy. Avoid difficult tasks during non-optimal times in your day.

Tip #4 Make space 👨‍🚀

Find your own space every once in awhile. You don't have to do everything together. Intentionally seek ways to be alone and have distinct experiences every week, even during this pandemic.

Tip #5 Improve together 👯‍♂️

Notice the days that went well: What was different about them? Did you both STOP work earlier? Did you work in separate rooms? The same room? Try new configurations. Double down on your wins.


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